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Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 vs Bajaj Avenger 220 Street.Who’s the New King of the Road?

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 vs Bajaj Avenger 220 Street.Who’s the New King of the Road?
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The automobile industry has a huge variety of bikes in the whole world. Even in India we have a diversity of bikes , Right from bikes which start from Rs 35,000  upto those which go upto Rs 11,00,000. But the one which ruled the Indian street was the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. In 2000 the crown was passed of to the Thunderbird 350 which belongs to the same Bullet legacy of the Royal Enfield family. But today, in 2016 the new Thunderbird 350 has got a new rival in the form of Bajaj Avenger 220 Street!! Now most of you guys must be thinking that why Avenger?! But if we speak about the price points, both these bikes come under price below 1,70,000, and also the performances of both these bikes is similar. So there was a strong reason to compare both these bikes. So let’s start the comparison between these caferacer’s  and check who’s the new king of the road.

The first thing which you might think that the 350cc Thunderbird is of course faster than the 220cc Avenger!! But there’s a little twist which will surprise all of you. What if I say that the Avenger is faster than the Thunderbird?? Yes, that’s true. ON a straight stretch of road, the Avenger will overtake the Thunder bird, and the twist lies in the kerb weight of the bikes. The 20ps engine of Thunderbird 350 is of course more powerful than the Avenger’s 19.03 ps engine, but because of the heavier weight of the Thunderbird, the Avenger gets an advantage and henceforth it goes ahead of the Thunderbird 350 Well its no doubt that the Thunderbird’s(Bullet) engine gives you the grunt which you expect from a bullet. You get an excellent throttle response which each and every Bullet gives you with the trademark Bullet sound, and that’s what Bullets are known for, aren’t they?? The Avenger also gives you a good throttle response, but without the sound.
The Avenger’s engine, for our surprise is much more refined than the Bullets engine as it is attached to a lite carbon fibre body, in comparison to the bullet’s which is attached to full metal chrome highlighted body.
The 90 mm drum brakes of the Thunderbird Bullet do the job better than the 62 mm drums of the Avenger 220 Street. But in compensation, they are so heavy to use that it is very difficult to use them, especially in traffic conditions (You need to get habituated to the brakes in order to use them properly). Your fingers might pain after using the brakes in a traffic jam. But this doesn’t change the fact that they have a good bite and can stop the heavy bike very easily. In comparison to the Bullet, the Avenger’s brakes also have a good bite and stop the bike easily. They are very lite to use which means that easier to use in traffic.
Both the bikes handle very well and have good overtaking abilities. The Avenger doesn’t have the handle position like other caferacers, but the are very much comfortable than those on the Bullet. Handling an Avenger in traffic is easier than handling a Bullet (Thanks to the heavy Kerb weight of the Thunderbird Bullet).
Well speaking about the looks, its completely subjective that which bike you like in terms of looks. Some people like the chrome accents on the full metal Bullet, while the others like the rich and eye catching Fit & Finish of the Avenger. But we personally like the Avenger, as its looks are Refreshing and New with good eye catching designs on the body. And also the beautifully laid exhaust pipes attract the attention of the viewers. Even the Bullet attracts a lot with its glossy paint job and chrome accents with the beautifully laid ELECTRIC instrument console and LED tail lamps.
Both the bikes provide good comfort to the rider as well as to the once sitting on back seat. But the Avenger provides a better ride because of its comfortable handling position, which means that riding long distances on the Avenger will be more comfortable.
The Bullet’s 350cc engine only gives it a mileage of around 29 kmpl. But the Avenger gives a mileage of around 40 kmpl making the Avenger a clear shot winner in this segment.
The Avenger is much more cheaper to maintain than the Bullet. And with more service stations, Bajaj has made sure to give your Avenger an A-1 service. The only problem with the Bullet is that it is a bit more costly to maintain the bike. Both the companies give you a good customer care service to make your buying decision a worth one.

And so with this, we end our comparison review. Both the bikes are doing good in the market and I feel that both of them are very good buy for you.  but in today’s comparison, it’s the Avenger which has won our hearts. Its cheaper, its lighter, its more convenient in city traffic, and most importantly, it is faster than the Thunderbird(Bullet) 350. It provides a better deal for such a price, and because of its aggressive pricing, it has also attracted the masses. But still, if you want the true grunt and feel of a caferacer, we suggest you to buy the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. It has a true spirit of a caferacer and it gives you a true feel of a caferacer. And most importantly, it comes from the legacy of Bullets. But we are also really very impressed the way Bajaj has stepped into the competition with the new Avenger Street 220, as an offer, as well as a bike.
Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 vs Bajaj Avenger 220 Street.Who’s the New King of the Road?
5 (100%) 11 votes

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