10 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet2 min read

‘I don’t have anything to wear’, we hear this quite often from girls.

Well this is a universal problem. No matter how many clothes you have, there is never anything to wear. Isn’t it?  Today i am here to tell you 10 things that every girl should have in her closet that will make dressing up way too easy and fun.  To know about it, keep reading..

1.The classic denim jacket

The Denim Jacket

Denim jacket is very easy to style as it goes with almost anything. It lifts up your look. You can wear it anywhere and at any time of the day.

2. A neutral tote bag

Neutral Tote bag. Source: Pexels

A neutral or black coloured bag is a must have for the occasions  you don’t have time to match your bag with your outfit.

3. A black blazer

A well fitted blazer is classy, feminine and looks great on all body types. It is very versatile as you can pair it with anything: jeans, dresses, trousers and skirts.

4. White shirt

A white shirt is a must have in all closets. It is so easy to pair it up. It adds a touch of classiness.

5. Formal skirt/ trouser

Just like a white shirt, a pair of formal trouser or skirt is also a must have. A piece of formal clothing really helps and i feel is a necessity.

6.Black dress

I feel a black dress is a basic necessity. It should be comfortable. You can easily style it up with statement piece jewellery and pair it up with a nice hand bag or clutch depending upon the occasion.

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7. Print scarf

A printed scarf instantly lifts up your look. Even if you wear it over a plain t-shirt, a printed scarf brightens up the whole outfit.

8. Neutral heels/flats

Good Footwear Is A Must. Source: Pexels

A pair of nice neutral heels or flats is a must. It goes with every outfit and every occasion. Make sure they fit well and are comfortable.

9. A neutral wrist watch

A classy wrist watch is again a must have. It completes the whole look. You can wear a neutral wrist watch with anything.

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10. Indian wear

A pair of indian wear for the days you wish to dress ethnic. Let it be a plain kurti or a suit or a saree. One pair of indian wear is a must in a girl’s closet.


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