50 Cups of Coffee by Khushnuma Daruwala3 min read

“Dating at thirty-five is an entirely different ball game. Balls of steel are what you need to traverse this journey.”


Thirty-something and unmarried, two words that should not be uttered in the same breath, lest you will be subjected to raised eyebrows from neighborhood aunties and matchmaking at someone else’s marriage. 

Such is the premise of the book 50 Cups of Coffee, a hilarious account of Dia’s coffee dates with umpteen guys who seem to have abundant issues pertaining to their lives. The beginning is such that Dia is forced by her thoughtful friends to give online dating a shot to meet the ideal man, little did she know and then later discovered, how exasperating can dating be. 

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Each chapter is not strung together to form a story, but rather is an anecdote of failed dates, described in an interesting and comical manner, while some chapters are dedicated to reminiscing past dates and introspecting, which is also lovely to read. The little coffee advice at the end of each chapter, though witty and humorous, provide more than just giggles, for they can actually be put to use in life in all those atrocious moments often faced while dating.

Please read He’s Just Not That Into You twice a year. Aloud, if necessary. If that seems too much of a hassle, please repeat after me-‘Part time lover = No lover’.

50 Cups Of Coffee Cover

Each page is full of delight and the metaphors used will definitely send any reader into peals of laughter, for when a parallel is drawn between jalebi and men, you just know that something outrageously hilarious and uncannily true is on its way!

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All genre of men, ranging from stalkers, perverts to mummy lovers are talked about, and a category of men described that I personally loved is the man who loves CATS- children, animals, trees, and spirituality. Such a deadly combination, and yet this date came to a dead end too, for an obvious and hilarious reason. 

The Amazing Book

With so many hackneyed relationship guides out there, this book is a breath of fresh air for it uproariously captures the true essence of dating and finding the so-called prince charming that every girl seems to be in search of. It does not paint a flowery picture of the journey towards finding Mr. Right but rather aims at elaborating on the vexing moments that one is faced with, and presenting it in a relevant manner.  

The book has a lovely closure that definitely pleases the reader. Overall, a must read for everyone out there- for men to mend their ways and for women to decipher the strange ways of their male counterparts. The author’s impeccable language skills and seamless writing style deserves a special mention, and her puns are sincerely funny!  Also, a cup of coffee along with the book is highly recommended!

“When it is the real thing, it won’t feel exhausting nor will there be a need to keep making excuses for him. If he wants to meet you, he’ll travel 20 km a day to see you. If he wants you, he’ll make it happen, irrespective of the social tsunamis of caste, culture and religion.”

50 Cups Of Coffee



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