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Andaman Islands

One of the reasons why people chose Andaman and Nicobar islands for honeymoon and family tours are the presence of shimmering white sandy beaches and tranquil islands all with one or more attractions. Lost in one big island, one can explore the hidden marvels of nature and try out some adrenaline rush activities in the blue waters of Andaman. Tourists have a bunch of reasons to yell out the specialities of an Andaman tour while the list doesn’t end here.

Beautiful Seascape at Andaman Islands

Mangrove trees are another attraction that is magnetising people to come to Andaman’s. There is thick vegetation of mangroves trees in various parts of this island. We all have studied about the biodiversity preservation of mangroves during our schooling. But in Andaman’s, they are serving another purpose too. Mangrove vegetation serves the recreational purpose of Andaman tourism and the most important of which is the kayaking through the mangrove forests. Honeymoon couples are the most frequented tourists of this unique activity. The kayak is through, narrow waterways of the mangrove forests and nature here is so appealing here. Newly wedded couples can enjoy the ride with great pleasure. For this reason, the Best Andaman honeymoon packages are including Mangrove forest kayaking in the itinerary.

Clear Waters Of The Indian Ocean Surrounding The Island

Just a one hour drive from Uttara jetty can make one reach the mangrove forests. The journey is done in a country diesel boat passing through the narrow routes. These boats can accommodate only 8 persons. Each boat will be guided by two boys, one for functioning the engine and other for giving directions. Tourists are not allowed to even touch the water fearing pollution. The boat’s engine will shut off before entering to the abode of mangroves and from then on, the boat is controlled manually. Howe exciting the ride will be? It is important to understand the habitat of these mangroves in Andaman and need for its preservation.

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Kayaking Through Andaman’s Mangrove Forests

The mangroves use up an area of 4639 square kilometres of area total in India and in which 615 square kilometres are covered in Andaman and Nicobar islands according to the forest survey of India.

In India, West Bengal and Gujarat are the locations where mangroves are spotted large in number and the third position goes to Andaman. The world has almost 60 species of mangrove trees and India with 44 species. In the islands of Andaman, there are 24 species of tree varieties, 60 shrubs. 2 palms and one climber. These exotic plant species will grow only in brackish waters where humidity is more. This is the reason why we can find most of them in tropical, sub-tropical and inter-tidal regions. One special characteristic of these trees is that they are salt-tolerant. The place is gifted if it has mangrove vegetation as the environmental benefits are many. It can protect the land from a storm, tsunami and is the best flood control. A home for different wild animals especially birds. In parrot island, due to the presence of mangroves only, these much varieties of parrots visit the island for roosting. Thus a perfect place for birds breeding. In an economic point of view, the vegetation allows the growth of marine species like crabs, prawns and fishes.

Rangat Islands

Rangat is an eco-tourist spot of Andaman and famous for Yerrata mangrove creeks. Here, a ride is possible through the lush green vegetation of mangrove trees. The tourism department has taken a brilliant step here to spread awareness about the growth of mangrove trees and its preservation.

The Mangrove Interpretation Center has attractive display panels depicting various mangrove species of the island. Adjacent to this, a mangrove watchtower is fitted for visitors to get the picturesque view of the mangrove and adjacent forests.

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The tower is of 13 meters high. These are fitted with an intention to provide awareness. We know that Chennai was affected with various natural calamities and a storm is the recent one.


The mangroves in the Chennai are facing a threat nowadays with pollution and other activities. It is important to preserve these nature given boon. For research and other inspection purposes, especially to study the preservation technique, natives of Chennai frequents the place. But a majority of them are for honeymoon packages as 300 meters stretch nature walk through mangrove is prevalent in Andaman islands. Thus in Amazing Andaman honeymoon packages from Chennai, Yerrata mangrove walk is included. Actually, the 310 meters of bench walk called mangrove bench walk is the interesting activity done here. The habitat of these trees are so nice to behold, couples can inhale fresh air and hide in the shades of these thick trees. In Betapur, the Dhaninallah mangrove nature walk takes almost 712 meters and is one of the lengthiest boardwalks of the country. The places other than Yerrtata where these trees can be watched are Shoal Bay in South Andaman and Austin of Mayabunder. Conservation and preservation are must for this exotic flora as the presence of it can even eradicate, natural calamities to some extent.


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