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New delivery joint opened in Aundh which serves delicious authentic Punjabi food.

Area in and around Aundh needed such outlet which serves good North Indian food.

I ordered Chole Kulche, Cheese Corn Capsicum Paratha and Nutella Paratha.

Chole Kulche

Delivery was prompt. Delivered hot food in time with  a smile !

What better it could be than order from your phone,get up from the couch, receive hot food, eat, enjoy and relax back on the couch again. No driving needed, no need to get ready, no need to beat the traffic. Just enjoy the food that tastes super yummy , in the comfort of your home !!!!

Packaging- Burrraah

The packaging was absolutely impressive ,with the way the parathas were packed. No mess, no plates or cutlery required to serve the food. It was packed in a box along with curd, pickle, amul butter, tissue paper and a spoon.  The chole came in a leak proof disposable box and kulchas in a foil.

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Chole Kulche were delicious. Kulche were soft on inside, hot and fresh. The aloo filling in the kulchas were appropriate, tasted good with accurate amount of spice level.  Chole had nice blend of spices with amazing flavours of garlic and ginger in it. Though the spice level was little higher for me but as I eat less spicy but if you like spicy food this is a perfect combo. The quantity of chole served was enough for two. I would definitely recommend this  !!!

Chole- Burrraah

Cheese Corn Capsicum Paratha was made with whole wheat flour which was a plus point for me. The filling of cheese, corn and capsicum was nicely blended that I could taste everything in each single bite. Coming from a Punjabi family I have grown eating parathas each day and to try parathas from any joint outside is not a thing for me. But this cheese, corn, capsicum paratha caught my eye and I thought of trying and it exceeded my expectations. The paratha justifies the authentic punjabi taste with a twist of cheese and corn in it. It was served with fresh thick curd and pickle which tasted so much like Nilon’s pickle which is my favourite.

Paratha- Burrraah
The Cheese Corn Capsicum Paratha

Nutella Paratha, one thing I could never ever think of. I could think of every kind of paratha but not this one. After reheating this paratha for 30 secs the oozing nutella from the paratha was delight for chocolate lovers like me. I like nutella, I like paratha and the combination of these two was amazing. Must try for me on the list.

The Nutella Paratha

Overall a good tasty experience. I would definitely try other things from the menu soon. 

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Burrraah- nutella- paratha
Packaging of Nutella Paratha- Burrraah

Recomended for all who crave for yummy North  Indian meal with authentic taste! A must try joint.

Find The Restaurant On Zomato Here: Burrraah

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