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In today’s world, internet has become so powerful that all major work happens online. The best gift of internet are the social platforms. We have so many platforms available online to connect with. Amongst these, Instagram grabs my heart. I love Instagram. And I have all the reasons for it. I mean just look at features it provides us with.

It lets you put up stories, pictures, DM people and now it also has filters!

Apart from this, I love Instagram because of a lot of other reasons. I feel Instagram is a lot more than uploading a selfie.

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  1. Micro Blogging: Micro blogging is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. With a platform like instagram, it helps people to make their work reach a larger audience. The beauty of Instagram is that it is a mini blog on its own.
  2. Helps connect with people: It has become really easy to start a new business through instagram. A lot of people have started selling their products from instagram itself. It helps you create a market.
  3. Virtual way of appreciating: You can take a picture of anything you love like food, nature, animal, some festival and share it with your followers in an instant. It’s a way of appreciating their beauty.
  4. Motivates creativity: everyone has a different style of taking pictures that they would like to upload on Instagram.

    Instagram helps you explore the creative side of you.

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  5. It is fun: Of course it’s fun. Putting up stories, uploading beautiful pictures with an even more beautiful caption is fun. Isn’t it? There are various activities that come up on instagram like the, ‘A photo a day’ challenge, the alphabet challenge and many other interesting activities.

    Photo-a-day Challenge
  6. Art gallery of pictures: All social media platforms are made for a specific purpose like twitter has made sharing content easy, Facebook allows you to connect with people, YouTube made video sharing really easy. In the same way Instagram has made photo sharing very convenient. It’s like a mini art gallery you scroll through.
  7. Trend: Instagram helps you be up to date with the trends going on. Be it fashion, design, architecture or food, instagram helps you know it all.
Instagram Photography

These were some of the reasons I feel that why Instagram is way more than uploading a selfie, it’s a whole different world of art in itself. People get a platform to showcase their work and others get the chance to learn from these people. Instagram helped me start my blogging interest and gave me a direction. It will always be close to my heart as it was the first stepping stone towards my passion. It helps me grow my network. When I look at other people’s work on Instagram, it inspires me; it helps me see beauty in different things and by different ways.

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