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As Cricket has always been a field of experiment for Technology , In last few years Cricket always came up with new technology improvements such as using of Hawk Eye , Snickometer , Hot Spot , Stump Camera , Real time commentary by on field players and much more.

INTEL TECHNOLOGIES recently came up with new insights for Cricket at ICC Champions trophy 2017 . 

Intel has brought some innovation to the cricket field. These included advanced pitch analysis by an Intel drone, a bat swing profile using a bat sensor powered by an Intel module and a cricket VR experience for the fans at the stadiums. 

Let’s see in detail the INTEL technology used in Champions trophy 2017.

1.Drone Pitch Analysis by Intel falcon 8 drone technology.

Drone technology is used for analysing the advanced pitch report. Drone is equipped with high-definition and infrared camera for advanced pitch analysis before every match.

It will capture the high quality images of pitch which will show the pitch condition such as grass cover , grass health and topology of the surface used for match. This all data are captured through images and help to generate the daily pitch reports leveraged by commentators during broadcast .

In the below image you will see the captured image of  a pitch, In which one bar is there representing seaming on the left side and spinning on the right side . The precise condition of pitch is evaluated before the match which tells how that pitch will help bowlers or the batsman.

Intel Technology Used in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Source: Intel

If the pitch colour is green it’s shows there is more help for faster bowler or if the pitch is on more dark side it will help the spinners more.

It also shows the dampness or moisture content on the pitch which is used for the match. It will also help in better understanding the condition of the pitch on how good it will play or slow down as match progresses. This technology brings better understanding of the pitch for teams ,analysts,commentators and Fans.


 Bat sensor powered by Intel Curie technology that can be mounted on any cricket bat to generate data for every stroke that the batsman plays. With this technology, parameters like back-lift, bat speed and follow-through can be tracked for every cricket stroke.

It will check all the aspects of batting. There are some parameters like back-lift where batsman comes to know about the back-lift is perfect or not. The data which is gathered are seen and analysed by batsman to improve their skills and performance.

The next parameter is bat speed which will show the speed of the shot and how good the shot is played. It will track the speed on the device and data is recorded to check how perfectly the shot is played along with tracking the speed of the shot. It will inspire hundreds and thousands of young and aspiring cricketers will soon be able to measure, track and improve their batting skills.

BatSense Chip on top of Bat Handle. Image Credit: Google

Player performance, game strategy, adjudication and fan experiences will all change with the introduction of these new technologies in the sport.

Soon, BatSense with Intel Inside will be available in Australia, India, the United States and the U.K. in the second half of 2017. 

3.Virtual Reality 

 Virtual reality (VR) will allow fans to experience facing a virtual bowler in an immersive cricketing environment. 

The head mounted display (HMD) is used by the players to test his or her batting skills against a virtual bowler.

The player will be able to see data such as bat speed and back lift angle as well as simulated score from the VR session using INTEL CURIE TECHNOLOGY.


What We Think:

The innovations Intel is bringing to the game promises to transform how cricket is experienced and enjoyed around the world.

Intel is approaching the sports industry to capture and analyse data to uncover and respond to new insights in real time.

The future of Intel technology depends on how effectively it will be used in the cricketing world, With more and more technological enhancements being continuously tried and tested to improve the user experience and the game.

Here is a short demonstration of how this new technology from Intel Enhances the Game.

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