Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 vs Bajaj Avenger 220 Street.Who’s the New King of the Road?5 min read

The automobile industry has a huge variety of bikes in the whole world. Even in India we have a diversity of bikes , Right from bikes which start from Rs 35,000  upto those which go upto Rs 11,00,000. But the one which ruled the Indian street was the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. In 2000 the crown was passed of to the Thunderbird 350 which belongs to the same Bullet legacy of the Royal Enfield family. But today, in 2016 the new Thunderbird 350 has got a new rival in the form of Bajaj Avenger 220 Street!! Now most of you guys must be thinking that why Avenger?! But if we speak about the price points, both these bikes come under price below 1,70,000, and also the performances of both these bikes is similar. So there was a strong reason to compare both these bikes. So let’s start the comparison between these caferacer’s  and check who’s the new king of the road.

The first thing which you might think that the 350cc Thunderbird is of course faster than the 220cc Avenger!! But there’s a little twist which will surprise all of you. What if I say that the Avenger is faster than the Thunderbird?? Yes, that’s true. ON a straight stretch of road, the Avenger will overtake the Thunder bird, and the twist lies in the kerb weight of the bikes. The 20ps engine of Thunderbird 350 is of course more powerful than the Avenger’s 19.03 ps engine, but because of the heavier weight of the Thunderbird, the Avenger gets an advantage and henceforth it goes ahead of the Thunderbird 350 Well its no doubt that the Thunderbird’s(Bullet) engine gives you the grunt which you expect from a bullet. You get an excellent throttle response which each and every Bullet gives you with the trademark Bullet sound, and that’s what Bullets are known for, aren’t they?? The Avenger also gives you a good throttle response, but without the sound.

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  1. If it s performance, reliability and low maintenance you are looking for, you should look no further than the Bajaj Avenger Street. It will keep you happy, with its low maintenance costs and strong service network.

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