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Sarojini nagar, the name that lights up every girl’s face with happiness is a must must must visit if you want to shop some amazing stuff at throwaway prices. Sarojini Nagar market situated in the south-west part of Delhi is every women’s paradise. A one-stop-shop where you can shop till you drop, This market caters to latest fashion clothes, shoes, accessory and lot more. In this market there is something for everyone.


First let me tell you a little about this market. Sarojini nagar has narrow lanes filled with small shops. The best time to be here is around 10:30-11 am . This is the time when the shopkeeper will agree to give you the item at your price ( due to bonnie time ) and plus it is less crowded at that time as well. Sarojini nagar is closed on a Monday. Try and go on a Wednesday as all shops have their new stocks out that day.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you shop better:

  1. Carry not more than 1500-2000 rupees. Because trust me you will spend them all without even realizing. You can easily get up to 8-12 pieces in this amount.
  2. Carry a huge bag with you to put in all your purchases. But in case you forget it, then don’t worry, you will find people selling bags there as well.
  3. Carry ample water with you and wear sunglasses or cap during summers.
  4. No use going here if you won’t bargain to your best ability Quote half the amount the shopkeeper asks for. If he doesn’t agree then LEAVE from there, you will surely find the same piece at your price on some other shop.
  5. Shop wisely. Do not buy anything you feel you won’t wear later on , I agree its cheap and it shard to control yourself but no point filling up your wardrobe with things you will never really wear.
  6. Compare price on 2-3 shops before buying it. You will find the same piece of cloth on many shops quoting different prices. So get your hands on the cheapest of them all.
  7. Check for defects A lot of the clothes there are export surplus and may have been rejected due to a minor defect and landed up in Sarojini market so check for holes and color fades.
  8. Check the size carefully. There are no trial rooms available there so you need to buy it according to your own judgment of size.
  9. Carry change of Rs.100 and Rs.50, so that it’s easier for you to pay.
  10. Enjoy the yummy street food available there.
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Nearest metro station : INA ( take an auto from there till the market for Rs10 per person)

Timings: 10:00am-9:00pm

Closed: Monday


You would need at least half a day to cover the whole market so take time and go. Enjoy your time shopping your heart out. Happy Shopping!!

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