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Its been a long time since Skoda has been in the Indian automobile market, and the Go-To car for Skoda has been the Octavia. Then in 2009, Skoda relaunched the car as the ‘Laura’, because the Indian market was the only market which sold the same cars of different generations . Then Skoda relaunched the third generation Octavia in 2013, and now Skoda has launched the face-lift of the third generation Octavia. But what surprised us the most is when Skoda announced that it will launch the VRS version of the Skoda Octavia. This car has grabbed a lot of attention from the Indian consumers, and I am now going to explain the specifications of the car, the pluses and the minuses of the car, and should you buy the car or not.

The Skoda Octavia  VRS, which Skoda calls as, “The genuine mean machine”, has a two litre TSI( Turbo Stratified Injection) engine from the Volkswagen lineup of cars, which produces around 230 bhp of power and around 350 NM of torque, which is an amazing power-torque figure for a car like Octavia.

Because of this, what happens is that the car can now perform a 0-100 at around approximately 6.8 seconds, which is absolutely bonkers. Also what Skoda has done is that they have revamped the suspension setup, making it more stiffer for better driving dynamics and a better ride quality, making the ride more supple, and minimising the body roll of the car while turning. Also what Skoda is doing is that they are providing the car with 225/45 R17 Michelin  Pilots, giving the car fantastic grip helping the car for better driving dynamics. Also Skoda has given the car a 6-speed DSG( Dual clutch automatic) gear box with paddle-shifters for lightning fast gearshifts.

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Speaking about the handling, I feel that even after being a lighter steering setup, I find it to be very precise and accurate, having no lag or looseness. The steering weighs up very well after picking up speed, giving the enthusiasts more confidence to turn the vehicle, even after being an electrical steering unit. Speaking about the most vague factor while talking about this car, the fuel efficiency, I feel that for a 2.0L turbocharged TSI petrol motor which produces 230 bhp of power, 14kmpl is a good figure for such a car. Cause when you want a performance car like this, you forget to think about something like fuel efficiency.

VRS Interior’s Source: Motorbeam

Speaking about the interior, I feel its really subjective, so I leave it upto you guys to think about it. Above is a small glimpse of the interiors. A special shout-out to Motorbeam for the interior image of Skoda Octavia VRS

I like the black finishing interiors which gives the car a sporty look, and the flat bottomed steering wheel as well. The sporty seats are well cushioned giving the driver and the passenger a proper position and posture to sit, even while cornering.

And talking about the features, it has all the features which your regular top variant Skoda Octavia has.

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First things first, this car is an all-rounder in all the departments, whether its performance, drivability, ride comfort etc. And at 24 lakhs, this car is just 2 lakhs more costlier than the outgoing top variant of the Skoda Octavia 2017 facelift. The only disadvantage I feel is the car’s high cost of maintenance.  Being a Skoda, it has to be a high on maintenance car which is one of the downers of the car. Also the fact that this car is big enough, it can be difficult for people to drive this car in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi etc, where the traffic takes a lot of time to move. But still i feel that this is the car worth buying for your penny. It has every possible thing which you need to bring a big smile on your face.


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