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Welcome to Revdude. By continuing to browse and use our website and its services, you are willing to agree the terms and conditions for a fair use of the content and services published on Revdude.com and also that you have gone through the privacy policy of our website.


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Any individual using our website or its services will not be forcefully asked for registration under any circumstances. Our all services are free of cost, nor we do charge any authors to publish their content.

Any individual may however choose to be a part of our community through registration and gain additional privileges.


Definition: The content published on this website is purely for entertainment, education and information purpose only. Although, we take care of the authenticity of the content but still we do don’t take the responsibility or consequences that you do/go through, with use of the content of this website. It is requested that the users should cross check and verify the information on others genuine sources before spreading the information presented on this website.

Restrictions: You are restricted from coping, transferring or using any content from this website without the prior written permission from our Content & Copy Rights Management Department. Failure to which, allows us to take a legal action against any individual who breaks or overcome any terms and any condition for fair use of this website and content.

Authors: Users visiting, using/not using this website and its services are both happily welcomed to join our community. The authors/writers willing to join our community shall make sure that they provide genuine and original content. Authors are strictly not allowed to submit the content which is already posted on other websites nor they are allowed to re-post the same article that they post/submit on/for our website. We at Revdude, always take care of the user experience and would not wish that our users get the same content that is available at various other websites. We do not accept or post articles with strong words, which our users can easily get offended to. Authors are also requested to read our Privacy Policy before they send their application for joining our community as authors/writers.

Copy Rights: Some of  the Cover Images used for publishing content and articles are protected by copyrights and fair use policy and also simply belongs to Revdude and their authors. Images or Videos taken from internet for reference purposes are given 100% credits to their respective owners. Users are requested to do not publish our content without a prior written notice.

DMCA take down request:

We have made sure that we are not hosting or linking to copyright-infringing material. If you find one and wants to report for its take down, then please feel to submit a report at dmcanotice@revdude.com.

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