Time to get Süchtig! A look on to Netflix’s DARK3 min read

Netflix brings to us yet another serial that’s surely binge worthy.

This time, from the Black forest of Germany.

A series that would surely get you relating to ‘Stranger Things‘ and the movie ‘IT‘, looking at the kids or their bikes and high school or the small forest laden countryside but, this isn’t anything like that. It’s time-traveling crusade at it’s very best. Based in a small town called Winden ( which rightly so, when translated from German means COILED). How one event on 4th of November 2019 changes the complete dynamics of a town’s past, present, and the future.

Trust me when I say it won’t allow enough space in your grey matter that you’d notice the tub of popcorn you so dearly placed in your lap to ‘NETFLIX AND CHILL’. Right from the opening track, it’s gonna grip you to your seats and by the time the end credits of the first episode start rolling, if you’ve paid enough attention, you’d surely be clicking on the second episode’s link in a jiffy.

Season 1, Episode 1: SPOILERS AHEAD

WINDEN, though it’s a silent town, it sees the Black forest on one of its sides and a nuclear power plant on the other, in the forest, are the caves which many deem are haunted.

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Opening scene: On June 21st, 2019, a man ( Michael Kahnwald) seals a letter in an envelope, climbs onto a chair, puts a rope around his neck and lets the chair under his feet dangle down. Written on the envelope Do not open before NOVEMBER 4, 2019, 10:13 PM. 

Netflix’s Dark- The Teaser

In a town where the biggest crime scene that occurred in the last decade was a stolen bike, a boy disappears( Erik Obendorf). Everyone’s presumption- he ran away. A high school kid (Jonas Kahnwald, Michael Kahnwald’s son) returns back to school after a 2-month break post his father’s sudden suicide. Jonas’ best friend ( Bartosz Tiedemann), Jonas and their mate (Magnus Nilessen) come to know about Erik Obendorf being a drug dealer and decide to recover his stash which is close to the mystic caves. Meanwhile, a search party is being organized by the school management to find Erik. Jonas and his friends set out to recover Erik’s hidden dope. As they reach near the caves, weird things start happening, a few footsteps could be heard, a gush and running sound from the woods and oddly, the flashlights they were carrying start to flicker. Running for their lives, the group come out of the forest and upon making the headcount, find the youngest of the lot, Mikkel Nilessen (Magnus’ kid brother) missing. Upon many searches, the kid is nowhere to be found. Date: November 4, 2019.

Dark Poster. (Click to go to Netflix and Watch)

Next morning, Mikkel emerges out of the cave, strolling thru the woods, reaches home. Knocks on the door and sees the door being answered by a complete stranger who claims the home to be his and slams the door onto the kid’s face. Finding it hard to understand the events, Mikkel’s eyes fall onto the newspaper. Date: November 5, 1986.

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Even a tad more of detail here might act as a serious spoiler. So, get ready for a nerve-racking, brain intriguing saga of 10 episodes that last 99 years.

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